Grill Stones

Granite Baking Stones – using one in your griller

A Granite Baking Stone for your stove’s griller!?!?

Why you need one and how to get one from Smokey Jack’s.

Why a baking stone for the grill?

By getting a granite stone slab cut to fit your grill pan you be able to create a very hot baking surface and an area which is ideal for quickly baking flat breads – like Indian Naan, Pizzas, and Pita & Pide breads, etc.  With a baking stone in the grill pan you get the ideal combination of a very hot top down heat from the grill with a well heated up surface on the stone which bakes flat breads to perfection – with the base getting done at just the same time as the top.

Using the grill also has the advantage of being at a good height for sliding your pizza/breads onto the baking stone.  The time to do a pizza will be mere minutes and when you have the grill door down you can also easily check on the progress of your pizzas/breads.

OK I want one – so how do I get one?

Because each stove type has slightly different sized grills and you need to get one to exactly fit your grill pan (see note below for why this is important) you must make a tracing of your grill pan’s dimensions (as demonstrated below) and get this tracing to Smokey Jack .  The tracing will enable Smokey Jack to cut a stone to precisely fit into your grill pan.  Note: Having the stone fitting the pan is essential because then you will not have problems with a stone sliding around in you grill and the stone will also be at the best distance from the grill’s heat source.

Steps for getting a stone cut to perfectly match your grill pan:

  1. Step 1 – Remove the grill rack from the grill pan.
  2. Step 2 – Place the grill rack on a sheet of newspaper and trace its outline.
  3. Step 3 – Cut around the outline and write your name on it.
  4. Step 4 – Send the tracing to Smokey Jack’s address after placing your order for a grill stone by email and making a payment for it through a direct deposit process (details below).

When you get your stone – ensure that it fits snugly and then get baking (but with not too hot a temperature to be starting with (see seasoning process note) ).   

  • Don’t heat up your stone too much too soon.  The stone needs a seasoning process for getting it used to being heated up and it is strongly recommended that you do not exceed 220 C for the first 4 uses.


Deliver or send Smokey Jack the tracing of your grill pan’s dimensions  to:

Address –  7 Orange Avenue,  Perth (just North of Northbridge), WA, 6000.

For making a direct deposit:

Account name = Smokey Jack’s – bsb = 032719, acc no. = 319318 – generally for the amount of $40 (GST inclusive). 

Price will depend though on amount of cutting needed for fitting the stone to the grill pan and postage/delivery costs are separate. The price will be worked out when you make your order for your stone.

The picture below shows how you should make a tracing for your grill’s baking stone:







And then it’s Naan Breads and Pizza Perfection:



To email Smokey Jack for enquiries or to place an order  – [email protected]


To message Smokey Jack  – 0404847158