Baking Stones

Granite Pizza/Bread Baking stones/slabs

Granite baking slab great PizzaConvert your own oven or covered BBQ into a Pizza Oven. Bake breads that rise beautifully and are crusty and moist.  For this you don’t need a back yard wood fired oven but you DO need a granite baking stone/slab.

Smokey Jack’s Black Granite baking stones/slabs are tailored to fit the rack of your oven. You place your slab on the lowest rack of your oven and so we cut your slab to fit. A Black Granite baking slab is way better value – for thickness, size & performance – than those pizza stones from kitchen shops & so order one now by calling Smokey Jack.

Granite baking slabs perth mobile pizza smokey jacks For a 40 X 40 cm square slab/stone (Note: 1cm thick) price = $30, for a trimed slab (by the measures of your oven rack) price = $35.

If you like the way a baking stone works in your oven you will be knocked out by the way they work in your griller.  Go to our grill stone page to find out more.

Smokey Jack credits the fabulous Yoke Mardewi – authour of Wild Sourdough for getting him onto the baking slab business sideline.  Yoke teaches sourdough breadmaking in Ardross and Smokey Jack highly recommends her classes for those interested in home breadmaking.  Since doing 2 of her classes Smokey Jack has never needed to buy a loaf of bread!  Check her out at